Interview oleh TEDxBandung di Twitter

Hari Minggu, 15 Maret 2015, bertempat di Co&Co Space di Bandung, saya akan berbagi di acara TEDxBandung Ngariung VII: The Awakening. Semalam, saya ngobrol dengan akun @TEDxBandung lewat Twitter, sebagai pengantar materi yang akan saya ceritakan nanti. Yang sudah mendaftar dan terseleksi untuk ikut, selamat. Sampai jumpa di Bandung! \m/ [View the story “Ngobrol dengan… Continue reading Interview oleh TEDxBandung di Twitter

Happy 7th Twitterversary!

Just got this email from Twitter saying that I’ve been Twittering for 7 years. While I am using Facebook for my main place to connect with my real friends, it’s amazing that Twitter still my main place to share links to good readings and find breaking news. Thank you Twitter!

Holy Crap That’s a lot of Retweets

I still don’t get the Oscars hype, but it doesn’t matter what I am thinking. People are still retweeting this and it’s currently the most re-tweeted tweet ever. If only Bradley's arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars — Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) March 3, 2014

What I Read Today

It’s weekend so I do a bit more reading than usual. US Twitter User Base Begins to Mature (eMarketer). Here’s how the globe looks like. The US is only part of it. Welcome to Googletown: Here’s how a city becomes company property (The Verge). Google is so enormous Mountain View has become the city of Google. A place… Continue reading What I Read Today

How To Center Align Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Embed Posts

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ lets you embed your or anyone posts on your website. However, there’s a lot of restrictions on how it should be placed and how it looks as the social media sites try to make it standardised across web to protect their brands. In my case, I would like to embed the… Continue reading How To Center Align Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Embed Posts