How To Set Gmail Records on Paralell’s Plesk

I just move this site’s host away from Dreamhost, and now I need to learn how to use Parallel’s Plesk (Plesk). It is not simpler than custom panel like on Dreamhost nor Media Temple, but it’s much easier to understand than Cpanel. So far so good. Furthermore, one of the highest priority when removing host is to set… Continue reading How To Set Gmail Records on Paralell’s Plesk

How To Center Align Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Embed Posts

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ lets you embed your or anyone posts on your website. However, there’s a lot of restrictions on how it should be placed and how it looks as the social media sites try to make it standardised across web to protect their brands. In my case, I would like to embed the… Continue reading How To Center Align Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Embed Posts

What I Read Today

Apple Is Already Building Its Next Massive Business And No One Seems To Have Noticed (Business Insider). Pinterest offer GIFs for mobile (Pinterest Engineer Blog). I love GIFs, on my Google+ and Tumblr. Not sure on Pinterest though. Update: Tried to upload a 10mb+ .gif to the 3 sites, G+ was successful while Tumblr max… Continue reading What I Read Today

Overused Buzzwords in 2013

LinkedIn mengeluarkan daftar kata-kata di bio yang terlalu banyak digunakan di social network untuk profesional tersebut. Adakah yang terlalu sering Anda gunakan? Saya sih banyak! 😀 Ada atau tidak, ada baiknya bio di social media di ricek dan jika perlu diganti beberapa bulan sekali, kecuali hidup Anda tidak ada perubahan sama sekali.

If you get this message when upgrading WordPress, no worries.

WordPress put a .maintenance file on your blog’s root directory when you use automatic upgrade. This was meant to protect your blog visitors to see the ugly face of your blog while upgrading. However, when the upgrade fail (happen at times), WordPress don’t delete the files automatically. Then everyone, including yourself will unable to see your blog, and instead seeing the message “Briefly unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance. Check back in a minute.”

What you need to do if you’re facing this situation, is to delete the file manually.

Here’s how:

1. Access your blog folder through FTP. Make sure you enable to view hidden files.

2. Find .maintenance file, and delete it.

3. Refresh your browser and done 😀

All i know, when Facebook username landrush (they called it Facebook vanity URL back then) some months ago, was that once you set a username, you can’t change it. I was wrong. Actually Facebook allow you to change your username.

Here’s how.

1. Login to your Facebook account then click on drop down Account. Choose “Account Settings”.

2. And then click on Change like below picture suggest.

3. Then change it to what you like. You will need to check the availability.

4. Save & Done.