If you get this message when upgrading WordPress, no worries.

WordPress put a .maintenance file on your blog’s root directory when you use automatic upgrade. This was meant to protect your blog visitors to see the ugly face of your blog while upgrading. However, when the upgrade fail (happen at times), WordPress don’t delete the files automatically. Then everyone, including yourself will unable to see your blog, and instead seeing the message “Briefly unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance. Check back in a minute.”

What you need to do if you’re facing this situation, is to delete the file manually.

Here’s how:

1. Access your blog folder through FTP. Make sure you enable to view hidden files.

2. Find .maintenance file, and delete it.

3. Refresh your browser and done πŸ˜€

Lifestream is a very cool WordPress plugins. It shows your’ lifestream’ throughout your social networking account feeds.

Weirdly enough, i experience this several times, the plugin gone after updates. And if you use WordPress 2.7. and up, there’s a chance that, if your not techie enough to know about PHP/MySql like me, you’re going to try re-install the plugin through WordPress’ own automatic installs.

However, re-installing doesn’t work. But it could, by following these steps:

  1. Open your FTP client, and browse to yourdomain.com/wp-contents/plugins
  2. Find ‘lifestreaming’ folder and rename the folder into anything you like.
  3. Go to your plugin page at WordPress admin, search for Lifestreaming plugin then install.
  4. Delete (recommended) the renamed lifestreaming folder.

lifestream folder

When you delete the old plugin folder, it doesn’t delete the database. So on your new installation, you still have your configured Lifestream in the page where you put lifestream plugin’s shortcode.

Please note that this method might also work for re-installing other plugins.

Enjoy Lifesteam plugin & here’s my lifestream.

RobinMalau.com uses Wapple Architect Mobile WordPress plugin for mobile browser compatibility.

Before i install the plugin, this blog look like this in my iPhone 3Gs.

RobinMalau.com Mobile Reguler Version

It looks like the desktop version only smaller. It’s hard to read or browse the blog since the layout was actually made & optimized for desktop browsing.

After i install Wapple Architect plugin, this blog looks like this picture below. Definitely easier to browse its posts and pages.


The good thing is, this plugin is actually redirect you to Mobile version, when you arrive using your mobile device. And when you scroll down the page in mobile version, you can actually find a link to display this blog into desktop version (if you prefer that better instead of mobile version).

To make things cooler, the Wapple development team choose this blog to be included in Wapple’s Architect plugin in WordPress plugins directory‘s screenshots. You can download the Wapple Architect WordPress plugin here, or you can go toΒ Mobile Web Junkie website for more information.


Update June 2nd, 2010: It’s gone from WordPress.org showcase, which is great because i’m thinking of changing the theme of this blog πŸ˜€

WordPress 2.7 currently running in my local server is Beta 3 and i’m starting to enjoy the version more. I missed the RC1 but now WordPress Development blog had announced that 2.7 release candidate two is ready for download.

First look? Better dashboard typography and the new icons are up, which makes me feel more comfortable in my WP dashboard πŸ˜€

Haven’t testing version 2.7 yet? Give it a try. It’s brilliant!

I’m pretty excited to see the visual design of WordPress 2.7. admin, although, learnt from the last several major upgrades, I will need to wait before upgrading all my WordPress powered sites. This blog is usually where I do the upgrade first and find what works and what not in the new version. Heck, with a small tactic even inexperienced WP developer like me can make it simple to do upgrades. So, stop whinning on upgrades πŸ˜€

Anyway, I do excited to see the dashboard design. I like the way they put WP stats at the top right and exposing Drafts without the need to go to Manage/Draft section before getting to the post editor.

Here’s how it looks.

Bring it on!