The following is a curated selection of songs that I had the pleasure of writing and performing with my hardcore band, Puppen, between the years of 1992 to 2002.

1. Atur Aku – Puppen MK II – 1998

“Atur Aku,” which translates to “Don’t tell us what to do!” in English, is one of my band’s most popular hits and has traditionally been our opening song at shows. This track earned a place on Rolling Stone’s list of the 150 Best Indonesian Songs of All Time.

2. United Fist – Puppen MK – 1998

This song features our hardcore rap collaborators, Homicide. We don’t always perform this song on stage, but when we do, the crowd goes wild.

3. Tanpa Dasar – V/A Ticket to Ride -1999

We’re involved in a collective effort to build a new skatepark in our town, Bandung, which currently lacks sufficient skateboarding facilities. The song was written and recorded just one day before our deadline. I’m pleased with the outcome; all the takes were completed on the first try, resulting in a natural sound. This was also my first time using a very low-tuned guitar, a drop A! I even used a bass string to achieve the low tunes.

4. Hijau – Puppen S/T – 2000

This song was a favorite among kids. It was released when discussions about democracy were unfolding across Indonesia, marking the first time Indonesians could openly discuss this topic. In this context, the word “Hijau” (meaning “green”) was used by our lyricist – who, in my opinion, is the best in our country (disagree? I dare you to name another!) – to refer to the Indonesian Army, known for their green uniforms. The chorus echoes the sentiment that ‘Green should be cool’, suggesting a shift from repression.

5. Kendali – Puppen S/T – 2000

This is one of my all-time favorite songs. I believe I’ve finally discovered a guitar lick that perfectly captures a simple yet dark and groovy essence! 😉

6. Memar Terpatri – Unreleased – 2002

This track was initially recorded in 2001, but unfortunately, the band never had the opportunity to officially release it. Despite this, the song found its way onto the internet, reaching audiences in an unexpected manner.

7. Tercitra – Unreleased – 2002

Just like “Memar Terpatri”, this track too is a leaked, unreleased piece that made its unexpected debut online.

8. Freedom To Defecate – Not A Pup Ep – 1995

This song is a hit among the kids. It captivates with its simplicity, aggressive energy, and rapid tempo.

9. Abstain – V/A Brain Beverages – 1997

As indicated by the title, this song serves as an anthem for Abstain.

10. True – Puppen MK II – 1998

This was our final composition in the fast, hardcore genre before we transitioned to write “Hijau”.

11. Violent Youth – Not A Pup Ep – 1995

This unique piece leans into the hardcore, groovy genre, exhibiting a distinctive rhythm and intensity. We don’t do much of this kind.

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