Below selected songs I wrote and perform along with my hardcore band Puppen between 1992 to 2002.

1. Atur Aku – Puppen MK II – 1998

Atur Aku (or “Don’t tell us what to do!” in English), is my band’s all time hits and was always be our first song at shows. This song made to Rolling Stone’s 150 Indonesia Best Song Ever.

2. United Fist – Puppen MK – 1998

This song features our hardcore rap friends, Homicide. We don’t always take the song on-stage, but when we do, everyone went crazy.

3. Tanpa Dasar – V/A Ticket to Ride -1999

We involve in a collective effort to build a new skatepark in our town, Bandung that lacks of skateboarding facilities. The song was written and recorded just 1 day before our dateline. I’m happy with the result, all was first time takes and the result is natural. This was also the first time I use a very low tuned guitar, a drop A! I even use bass string to reach the low tunes.

4. Hijau – Puppen S/T – 2000

This song was kid’s favourite. It was released when Indonesian’s democracy was discussed country wide, the first time Indonesian can discuss democracy openly. So the word Hijau (means: green) was pointed by our lyricist (he’s the best in my country! disagree? name other… if you dare…!) to Indonesian Army (who wears green uniforms). The chorus is like ‘Green should be cool’, instead of repressive.

5. Kendali – Puppen S/T – 2000

One of my all-time favourite song. I think I can finally find a simple dark and groovy guitar licks! ;-).

6. Memar Terpatri – Unreleased – 2002

This track was recorded in 2001 and the band never got a chance to release this, but somehow the song was leaked to the internet.

7. Tercitra – Unreleased – 2002

Same as Memar Terpatri, this was a leaked unreleased track.

8. Freedom To Defecate – Not A Pup Ep – 1995

The kids love this song. It’s simple, aggressive and fast.

9. Abstain – V/A Brain Beverages – 1997

As the title suggest, this is an Abstain anthem.

10. True – Puppen MK II – 1998

This is our last fast hardcore type song before we wrote Hijau.

11. Violent Youth – Not A Pup Ep – 1995

One of those hardcore groovy type song.

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