How to Re-Install Lifestream Plugin If It’s Gone After Update

Lifestream is a very cool WordPress plugins. It shows your’ lifestream’ throughout your social networking account feeds.

Weirdly enough, i experience this several times, the plugin gone after updates. And if you use WordPress 2.7. and up, there’s a chance that, if your not techie enough to know about PHP/MySql like me, you’re going to try re-install the plugin through WordPress’ own automatic installs.

However, re-installing doesn’t work. But it could, by following these steps:

  1. Open your FTP client, and browse to
  2. Find ‘lifestreaming’ folder and rename the folder into anything you like.
  3. Go to your plugin page at WordPress admin, search for Lifestreaming plugin then install.
  4. Delete (recommended) the renamed lifestreaming folder.

lifestream folder

When you delete the old plugin folder, it doesn’t delete the database. So on your new installation, you still have your configured Lifestream in the page where you put lifestream plugin’s shortcode.

Please note that this method might also work for re-installing other plugins.

Enjoy Lifesteam plugin & here’s my lifestream.

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