How to Post Links to Twittter from Netnewswire

Posting links from RSS feeds is a common practice for Twitter users. Me included. In fact, according to Topsy, i’ve posted more than 2,5k links in Twitter since i joined the site on June 2007.

So, Netnewswire (NNW) is my definite default RSS readers on my Macbook Pro, however, unlike NNW iPhone version, it lacks of post to twitter feature which will become handy if somebody can make that happen.

Well, thanks to this post, we, the-not-so-script-developer, can also post to twitter from our favorite desktop news reader Netnewswire. To make things cooler, there’s also another post describing how to assign the keyboard shortcut!



Update March 30, 2010: After updated version that uses, there’s a version that uses here.

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