My Mix Tape on WADEZIG!

Well, sort of. No tapes involved so i don’t know what to call this.

Anyway, @iing from Wadezig asked me to make a mixtape (again, sort of) for Wadezig’s website (Monday Mix). I know Wadezig from my times in Bandung several years ago, and i think they have done a good job running apparel business. Wadezig is a pretty cool company.

Mind you, these songs are my ALL TIME FAVORITE. So: (1) It’s easy to compile, since these songs are always on my playlist. (2) It’s much easier to compile music without trying to be cool, you know, try to compile music as weird or as rare as possible (that’s sooooo last decade :D).

We can discuss any music i’ve been listening in the past 25 years, but if i have to sort them into 10 songs, then there they are!

Hint: below the tracklist, now you can jump to Wadezig’s website and listen!


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