How to Upload Portrait Video to The Web

Well, the title is misleading. Actually it’s not about how to upload the video, but how to embed it instead.

So, i use my iPhone 3G S to shoot, practically anything i feel to shoot. I used to use landscape mode, until recently, portrait mode. The thing is, i can’t find video hosting site that let me upload portrait videos (Flickr fail).

Today i try to upload my first portrait video to YouTube, as is. Then i found black spaces at both sides because their default player is set for landscape videos. The key to have your portrait video portrait, on your blog, is to change the size of embeded video. Yes. That simple 😀

Update: This portrait video isn’t working portrait in iPhone, the default player turns it around to landscape. At least, IMO, Apple should support portrait video, they were the ones who create it.

Author: Robin

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