How To Center Align Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Embed Posts

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ lets you embed your or anyone posts on your website. However, there’s a lot of restrictions on how it should be placed and how it looks as the social media sites try to make it standardised across web to protect their brands.

In my case, I would like to embed the posts on my blog, but the size between embedded posts and my blog’s content field is different. Either Facebook, Twitter or Google+ doesn’t let you alter the size. So they don’t look best on my blog.

However, there’s a workaround. Just put “<center>” before the embed code and “</center>” (without the “) after the code and you’re done.

Author: Robin

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4 thoughts on “How To Center Align Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Embed Posts”

  1. Thanks a ton Robin. I was banging my head around for quite some time to center align a Facebook video embed. Your solution worked like magic. 🙂

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