What I Read Today

  1. The five types of music discovery (The Guardian). Love listening to new bands? Keep your smartphone close.
  2. Twitter gives up on encrypting direct messages, at least for now (The Verge). No place to hide anymore.
  3. In Indonesia the poor get richer, slowly. The rich get richer, quickly (World Bank). Sad news. But we knew this for a while.
  4. Sir Jonathan Ive interview (TIME).
  5. Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4 now available by subscription for $19, headed to OS X (Engadget). More developers will adopting the engine, which also means more games with stunning graphics will be produced in the future.
  6. Will the recorded music industry ever grow again? (Re/code). Dilemma for music streaming services: labels demand twice what listeners are willing to pay. Labels must die.
  7. Streaming Subscriptions Are Now a Billion-Dollar Business (Re/code). Japan drop sales and download sales stall which re-begs the question: will the recorded industry ever grow again?
  8. How to Minimize Politics in Your Company (Ben Horowitz’s blog). Excellent reading.

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