Stiker di Telegram

Saya jarang, bahkan seingat saya tidak pernah, nge-blog soal fitur sebuah aplikasi. Tapi yang satu ini menarik, karena sejak pertama kali saya menggunakan Telegram beberapa bulan lalu, tidak ada perkembangan fitur yang signifikan sampai hari ini salah satu teman saya ngepost emoticon, dan yang keluar adalah: Stiker! Ada beberapa jenis stiker yang dibuat oleh pengembangnya. Dari cara… Continue reading Stiker di Telegram

Mengapa Saya Tidak Akan Menggunakan Whatsapp Web

Whatsapp mengumumkan bahwa mulai hari ini pengguna (kecuali pemilik iPhone) bisa mulai menggunakan messaging tersebut lewat desktop. Tapi sebenarnya tidak sepenuhnya benar bahwa yang kita dengar bahwa Whatsapp itu sekarang bisa digunakan di desktop, karena Anda harus punya web browser Chrome untuk menggunakannya. Jadi yang benar adalah Whatsapp Web, bukan Whatsapp desktop. Mengaktifkan Whatsapp web… Continue reading Mengapa Saya Tidak Akan Menggunakan Whatsapp Web

It’s here, Safari browser extension with the release of Safari 5! Here’s how to start using it:

1. Open Safari Preference, then tick Show Develop menu in menu Bar.

2. From Develop menu, tick on Enable Extensions

3. Start to browse around unofficial Safari Extensions and install some. When you’re installing extension, you’ll be warned. However, I installed Adblock for Safari and it works great!

4. You can find and manage your installed extensions through Preferences > Extensions

Please also aware that this is still at developer’s experiment access level, so you must prepare for bugs and errors. Apple will open its official Extension Gallery later this summer.

I’ve used CoverItLive twice to liveblogged 2 events back in February. One was a Saresehan (it’s like a small seminar with small audiences) and a live music.

I will highlight the Saresehan event, as it was a success in terms of the Live Blogging introduction to the local music community. Knowing that less Indonesian music community was accustomed with this sort of online live event coverage (back then, people mostly responded like, live blogging? WTF? Is it like a LIVE chat? What’s the different between those two? etc etc).

However soon after the Live Blogging ends, the widget became dull. It’s like a dead widget in the middle of a blog post. Worst thing is to me, covering a live event especially seminar-like events, is like producing an unsearchable keyword rich content. So with that dead widget, there’s no way people could find the event coveragae through search engine search.

Today, CoverItLive through mailing list, announced their new features which include this Search Engine friendly help:

A potential drawback that concerns users of hosted software is that search engines will not credit their site for content in a hosted application (like CoveritLive).

Yes. It’s a drawback and it concerns me as i found most of my music community site (60%-70%) traffic come from Search Engines.

But CoverItLive has done a good job regarding this issue, they introduce an embedable Live Blogging result and which is surely readable by search engine.

To use the feature, simply login to your account, go to Completed Live Blogs then click the Save Content Locally. Then the site will produce an embedable content. Simply embed the codes to your web page.

I checked out the result using SEO Browser, and now the page is FULL of TEXT. I love it. Thank you CoverItLive.

PS: By the way, CoverItLive is free.

My ISP has yet to block YouTube which must be the stupidest act that an ISP can do. So i would like to take this opportunity to post another cool video uploaded at YouTube.

The video explain what is art from animal perspective. Art?

I have no techie nor design background whatsoever. I am more like evangelist dude who is into interesting things. Lately, thanks to blogging and massive RSS reading, i can finally free from my mediocre design and techie friends who are lack of discipline, big headed and their always come late attitude. I am now more aware of technology and design because in fact i am now can do almost everything in the web by myself.

Lately, i start to learn how to mess things up in Adobe Photoshop 7.0. Not the newer versions because it will blow my computer’s memory. Beside spend a lot of times in my Google Reader, i also browse the web massively. I visit everything, from religion to adult sites, art to financial sites.

One of those cool sites is the official site of author and illustrator Recently  he (thanks to YouTube) gives the world an inside look on how he goes on creating his one-of-a-kind illustrations. While my b.s. so-called mediocre designer and techie friends are always talking about new design tools, the latest plugins, upgrading computers or wondering how the latest adobe photoshop version can save their life, Bob Staake make his unique creation using Adobe Photoshop 3.0., a mouse, all in one layer.

Check it out, this is amazing:

[youtube width=”425″ height=”355″][/youtube]

You can see his more of his works using Adobe 3.0. at PixFlix. Surely, you don’t have to have all the tools in the world to finish your work.

I’m sticking with my O2 PDA phone for my main communicator tool, but i was wondering that i’ll buy iPhone if i should change it.

However Greenpeace found that iPhone has dangerous chemical elements, i’m glad i decided to delay buying new phone, at least until they become a green phone.

[youtube width=”425″ height=”355″][/youtube]

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