You don’t have to have every tools in the world

I have no techie nor design background whatsoever. I am more like evangelist dude who is into interesting things. Lately, thanks to blogging and massive RSS reading, i can finally free from my mediocre design and techie friends who are lack of discipline, big headed and their always come late attitude. I am now more aware of technology and design because in fact i am now can do almost everything in the web by myself.

Lately, i start to learn how to mess things up in Adobe Photoshop 7.0. Not the newer versions because it will blow my computer’s memory. Beside spend a lot of times in my Google Reader, i also browse the web massively. I visit everything, from religion to adult sites, art to financial sites.

One of those cool sites is the official site of author and illustrator Recently  he (thanks to YouTube) gives the world an inside look on how he goes on creating his one-of-a-kind illustrations. While my b.s. so-called mediocre designer and techie friends are always talking about new design tools, the latest plugins, upgrading computers or wondering how the latest adobe photoshop version can save their life, Bob Staake make his unique creation using Adobe Photoshop 3.0., a mouse, all in one layer.

Check it out, this is amazing:

[youtube width=”425″ height=”355″][/youtube]

You can see his more of his works using Adobe 3.0. at PixFlix. Surely, you don’t have to have all the tools in the world to finish your work.

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