Seni Yang Tak Disengaja

Keren ini, seperti zombie campur korban perang campur orang terbakar. Patung lilin yang terbakar (tapi selamat) setelah kebakaran museum Madame Tussauds di London tahun 1925. Post by Robin Malau.

This is a 5 hours documentary movie by the BBC on history of design. This movie is originally split into 5 parts and it is sold in BBC Store on DVD format. However, these two videos below are downloadable via Vimeo.

This well made documentary is useful not only to students who are learning to be a designer, and aspiring kids who are thinking to be a designer, but also a very good knowledge for designers in all levels.

The Genius of Design ep1 from Genius of Design 1 on Vimeo.

The Genius of Design ep2 from Genius of Design 1 on Vimeo.

I am not more than another Obey Giant’s a.k.a. Shepard Fairey t’shirt collector (by far i have 7 of them) among other cool brands, but to evangelist his work is always fun. This time, Obey come up with this fine print art products which is so very cool. The print art available in 3 colors and my favorite is this one below. Why? Because i found the color scheme is so Obey if you know what i’m saying. The freaking cool version of the print is the Red one, because it includes 3D glasses.

You can find this super cool print art at ToyRoom.

Via Juxtapoz.

My ISP has yet to block YouTube which must be the stupidest act that an ISP can do. So i would like to take this opportunity to post another cool video uploaded at YouTube.

The video explain what is art from animal perspective. Art?