Predicting The Next Big Thing by Quantifying

Predicting the next big thing is a core skill required to be A&R. Somehow you only have your eyes, ears and the first 20 seconds demo cd to decide whether the artist will be big or not in your point of view. Well if you have the talent, or even an experience A&R want to have fun, i think you should visit Hyple.

From KillerstartUps:

At this site, you can use your insights to predict which albums and artists will be a hit. You use Hyple like it is a stock market for music. You must predict how popular it will be and if you are correct you are ranked highly. As a user, you can choose albums that you believe will be popular. You can leave comments about the albums, telling people about your prediction. See if you are really as accurate about your music as you think you are by visiting Hyple.

About Hyple from their site:

Hyple is a marketplace – a market for hype. By classifying popular albums and artists as stocks, users can buy and sell the stocks using points in an artificial exchange. This allows you guess how you think the items will be received by potential customers.

When aspiring music experts try to strut their stuff, they reveal information on how they think their artist will fare. Hyple combines everyone’s views into a market price; the more you bet on your predictions, the more you’ll gain or lose. Hyple invites you to put your money where your mouth is, and take your views to the market. You’ll enlighten the community with your wisdom, and maybe even reach stardom yourself.

I think this is fun; If you retired from music, an independent stock trader can be your post music career :-).

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