Cool Trent Reznor Interview at Metal Hammer

I have more respect on Trent Reznor. No man, i’m serious. I mean, I’m no fuck-DRM-i-want-free-music-shit type online music downloader and surely i don’t get anything out off this free nor cheap music issue. I have master degree in business and i have a decent daily job so i have enough money to buy new records.

But I used to be a metal musician for 14 years and i know how it feels to find out that your once privilege music becomes free all over the internet. From my experience, I can’t even re-issue my old albums because seems like these harcore downloaders have even my materials that were kept secret at the studio. It’s funny, i thought me and my band members were the only ones who have the copy until one day my friend showed off he’s mp3 player with our unreleased songs on it. I thought ‘dude, he’s cooler than me’.

Anyhow, back to my respect on Trent Reznor i think his latest interview with Metal Hammer is cool. Hell it’s not about DRM, but it’s cool.

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