MTV Music Awards 2007

Ok I’m late, you can call me retarded. I saw MTV Music Award 2007 last night. I didn’t watch the opening but i follow from the middle to the closing show. At the end, P. Diddy and Nelly shoot out loud presenting the last performance, which according to them will be the greatest performance evaaaaahhh’ (you know what i’m saying).

Soon after the announcement, Nelly Furtado came out, followed by Timberland and Justin Timberlake. They sang bits and pieces from their hit songs and a couple minutes later they finished the show. And that’s it.

Rockstar Pundit is not anti MTV website and that’s for sure. But after the show finished, i think like, ‘Am i too cynical or maybe even too old to appreciate or the show was just suck??’

I tried my best to find which part was ‘great’ about the closing performance. I even confused to think whether it was PERFORMED by a bunch great selling artists or a GREAT SHOW performed by great artist. Isn’t great show measured by great performance, while great artists are incentives?

So I’m confused. Until now, i think the show was just suck.

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