The State of the Music Industry

Solusinya naif, but it might work to some degree. Yang pasti, kenapa harus mengemis royalti 23 sen kalau bisa dapat $5 jika connect directly to fans? Also yes, please lower concert ticket prices, it’s getting ridiculous. Live show industry could be the next meme.

10 Akun Google+ Indonesia Terpopuler Juli 2012

SalingSilang mengeluarkan list 10 Akun Google+ Indonesia Terpopuler Juli 2012. List tersebut diambil dari website CircleCount. Akun Google+ saya ada disitu, terpopuler urutan 5 di Indonesia. Not that this matter the most, but it feels good when people recognize you.

114,328 Follower di Google+

Saya ngga sadar, sampai salah satu officer Google+ di Indonesia menghubungi saya hari ini. Account saya di Google+ disini, monggo di follow. See you there!

I purchase things online, I love cool online stores and this site is just brilliant.

It’s an online bookstore with ‘real’ experience of ‘real’ bookstore.


Online store is ‘real’. You can feel it when the purchased goods arrive at your home, get a product download link deliver to your email, and find that your credit card was charged so you have to pay with ‘real money’.

It’s pretty, really, considering the old site that looks like old disabled man from the old regime.

Even if jakarta Post site filled with great articles from great writers, it still looks dumb in many people eyes, because i believe the commons visit websites rather than open their rss readers to find updates.

However, this morning i found the site is completely migrated to Drupal. Even if i still find some links lead to 404, it looks darn cool!

Why Sucks

I posted this rambling at my Posterous posts (anyway i love Posterous!) but i think it’s not fair if i don’t post it here in my blog and at my own domain. Update: Posterous is dead. So why suck? I use to love SlideShare, i think they have the best embedable slide widget among… Continue reading Why Sucks