Top 25 Most Livable Cities in the World

Monocle Magazine put out Quality of Life survey, and the result is 25 most livable cities in the world. Most of the ‘livable’ cities is unsurprisingly located in Europe, which Munich, Germany rank #1. The only South Asia’s city included in the list is Singapore, which dropped from 18th last year to 21. Monocle also advise Singapore to devote more money into culture and creativity instead of casinos and shopping malls (i’m not surprised).

So what makes those cities livable? According to Monocle:

In the end the cities that make the cut are not just OK, but places that are benchmarks for urban renaissance and rigorous reinvention in everything from environmental policy to transport.

The complete report is actually in Monocle Magazine’s printed version, but they show off this great list in a very cool interactive map on their website.

So who’s your city? If you ask me, i would welcome any opportunities to move to one of those cities 😀

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