Why Being a Delivery Driver Is a Highly Satisfying Job

I’ve been working as a full-time delivery driver for about two months now. Before that, it was just something I did on the side for a few months. But when I got laid off while waiting for my dream job, I decided to dive into delivery work full-time. Surprisingly, I’ve found this job to be incredibly fulfilling. Let me explain why.

Flexible Schedule

One of the best things about this job is the flexible schedule. I don’t have to follow the same routine every day. I can choose when I want to work, which makes me happy to do my job. However, the downside is that a flexible schedule means variable income. So, if you prefer a stable income, working with a fixed program might be a better choice. I mix my plans by working for different employers.

Exploring the Bay Area

The Bay Area is an amazing place. I get to drive from San Jose to San Francisco and all the cities in between. I saw beautiful houses that I had only seen in movies, and the scenery was breathtaking, with sunsets, full moons, and vibrant fall colors in the trees.

Meeting New People

One of the most exciting aspects of being a delivery driver is meeting people from all walks of life. Almost everyone I deliver to is happy to see me. This job guarantees I’ll experience instant joy during my work, which is unique.

Always in Introduction Phase

Meeting new people is exciting because I’m always in the introductory phase and will likely never see the person again. It creates a sense of excitement, knowing that the positive impression I make will stick with them. And vise versa. It’s like meeting strangers in a foreign country when you travel, especially internationally, as I did before moving to the US in 2018.

Physical Activity

A few months ago, I recovered from a severe illness. Regular physical activity played a crucial role in my recovery. Loading boxes, envelopes, and packages into my car, driving, unloading, and delivering them keeps my body moving. I use a diabetic sensor, and this job often lowers my glucose levels. Sometimes, I even need to eat carbs, which I’ve avoided since taking care of my type 2 diabetes. Seeing my glucose level decrease during this fulfilling job is even more satisfying.


This job involves using various technologies to complete tasks efficiently. I even purchased two iPhones to make things easier. I rely on multiple apps for different deliveries, including navigation with Apple Maps. I even download maps of the SF Bay Area for emergencies with no cell coverage. There are driver apps like Eaze, Spark, Amazon Flex, Road Warrior, and ecMobile to manage routes and deliveries. I also use messaging and phone connections for communication and Stride to track mileage and plan for taxes.

As I mentioned earlier, this isn’t my long-term plan, and I won’t be doing this forever. However, I’ve found genuine ways to enjoy the journey.

Ride on!

Author: Robin

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