Why I bought Two iPhone 15 Pro Max

I have a deep affection for the iPhone. It holds a place of utmost importance in my generation’s tech landscape. Since I purchased my first iPhone, the 3GS, in 2009, it has been a constant companion, with subsequent models like the iPhone 4, 6, 7, 11, and the latest, the 13 Pro, gracing my hands.

When selecting a phone, the iPhone is my top choice, almost without exception. It’s more than just a device; it’s a part of me, ingrained in my daily life.


However, this time, I find myself in possession of not one but two iPhone 15 Pro Max models, one in Titanium Blue and the other in White. These are my first non-black iPhones, which is quite refreshing. Not only does this change bring a splash of color into my tech collection, but it also proves to be practical as I can now easily spot my iPhones amidst a sea of black items I own.

My Current Endeavor

To provide context, I am a self-employed independent contractor, primarily a delivery driver. I collaborate with various vendors and tech companies involved in the delivery business, such as Spark from Walmart, Amazon Flex, Stachs LLC (handling Eaze Inc.), and a local delivery company called Deliver It.

While I don’t plan to remain in this line of work indefinitely, it has proven to be a rewarding venture, especially considering the health challenges I face. After a severe illness and subsequent recovery, I left my role at a government agency, which I had taken up after being laid off from Google. Before that, I had been an expert in Indonesian content for YouTube. The transition to full-time delivery driving was a deliberate choice, driven by the desire to recapture the unique and meaningful interactions I had experienced while traveling.

The Tech at Hand

Pic by Brooklyn

The role of a delivery driver may seem straightforward: deliver items from one location to another. However, to optimize this process, technology plays a crucial role. It begins with receiving and managing orders on a mobile device, combined with driving skills and a dash of customer service expertise.

Now, let’s delve into the technology aspect.

I initially owned an iPhone 13 Pro, which served me well for two years. However, I started encountering glitches and sluggishness, which are critical in securing offers. Slow-loading apps can mean missed opportunities, as delivery offers are often first-come, first-served. Recognizing the need for speed, I upgraded to the iPhone 15.

Another challenge I faced was cellular coverage. I relied on a monthly data package from T-Mobile, which was affordable and reliable for personal use. However, I needed constant online connectivity since my deliveries could take me to various locations across the Bay Area. Recognizing the limitations of any single carrier’s coverage, I considered subscribing to two carriers, necessitating purchasing an additional device dedicated to this work. So, I added a Verizon subscription as well.

Initially, I considered an iPad Mini with cellular capabilities. Its wider screen and impressive power were appealing. However, the lack of updates from Apple for the iPad Mini and the restriction of Amazon Flex to smartphones forced me to reconsider. Thus, I concluded that acquiring two iPhones was the most suitable solution.

Two Distinct iPhones

Pic by Brooklyn

With this decision in mind, I opted for two iPhone Pro Max, not one Pro one Pro Max, or two Pros. I don’t want to regret choosing either the cheaper or more expensive option later, even when considering the minor differences between the two models. It could bite me back later. When it comes to tech purchases, I’ve come to realize that investing in products with specifications that exceed your immediate needs almost always proves to be a wiser long-term decision than settling for those that fall short.

So these phones serve different purposes – one for work and the other for personal use. As such, I installed distinct sets of apps, cases, and even opt for different colors.

For the work phone, I loaded all the necessary work-related apps, such as Eaze, Amazon Flex, Shipt Shopper, EXMobile, Road Warrior, OnFleet, Dasher, and others. My personal phone, on the other hand, hosts personal finance apps and social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Threads, along with creative tools such as BlackMagic Camera and DaVinci Resolve Remote.

Apps frequently used for both work and personal use, such as Apple Maps, Music, Calendar, ChatGPT, Reminders, and Weather, are installed on both phones. The key difference lies in their arrangement.

I chose the Blue FineWoven case for my personal Titanic Blue iPhone and added the Apple Clear case for the work phone. This showcases the stunning white Titanium finish and helps differentiate the phones in various settings, be it on my work desk, in different locations in my car, or even when glancing at them in bed.

Mobile Studio – Camera For The Win

I have this crazy ass setup in my apartment

You’ll know that I create videos if you follow my social media channels, particularly YouTube and Instagram. The unique settings during my hours as a delivery driver provide ample opportunities to shoot, edit, and post videos. Over the past year, I’ve found joy in creating vertical videos, which thrive on Instagram Reels but don’t quite fit the format of YouTube Shorts. Given the time constraints and my preference for spontaneous content creation, Instagram’s flexibility with video length works well for me.

Having two iPhones has proven to be a game-changer in this regard. I now possess two high-quality cameras I can effortlessly switch between when producing videos. This is especially valuable because I frequently find inspiration while on the streets, and having two iPhones essentially equates to having two cameras for production purposes.

Today, this is basically the whole setup

Owning two iPhones makes perfect sense in light of my circumstances and needs. Consequently, I now have two iPhone 15 Pro Max models, and I’m thoroughly enjoying this new setup, with no intention of altering it anytime soon.

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Jack of all trades living in SF Bay Area, California. SE Asian. Currently building music media.

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