His Name is Finn

I always name my electric vehicles. My Juiced electric bike was named Tortilla, and my Boosted electric scooter was named Rice. I always use male pronouns when referring to them.

When I got my ID4, I immediately thought of a name. However, I was stuck with the naming convention based on types of carbs, so I wanted to choose something different from Noodle, Ramen, or Pho. I struggled with creative block for months until yesterday.

I thought about giving it a German name because this is the last model built in Germany. So I browsed around to find names, and I came across Finn. Although it was initially an Irish name, Germans adopted it. Finn means “bright.” The car always brightens my day, and I chose to buy a white car mainly because I regularly drive at night for work in San Francisco. I needed a bright color for better visibility, so it was a perfect fit.

Coincidentally, a friend commented on my Facebook post that he looked like Finn, the Star Wars character, especially when he wore the Stormtrooper outfit. Everything fell into place.

So, his name is Finn, and I really like him.

Author: Robin

Jack of all trades living in SF Bay Area, California. SE Asian. Currently building music media.

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