My Threads Setup

As a seasoned social media user, I’ve navigated various platforms, garnering significant followings. My journey has been extensive, from being the top Google+ user in Indonesia with over a million followers to being an early adopter of Instagram and a prominent Twitter user. However, my recent focus has shifted to Threads, a platform I’ve engaged with daily since its inception.

My initial foray into social media wasn’t technology-driven; my background was in music. However, platforms like Twitter became a gateway into the tech world, shaping my digital interactions. Despite a hiatus from Twitter, which I left and rejoined several times due to its impact on my mental health, I found a void in expressing my thoughts online. Threads filled this gap perfectly.

Navigating Threads: A Strategy for Sanity and Relevance

My approach with Threads is strategic and mindful, aiming to share thoughts without the chaos that sometimes accompanies social media. Living in the Bay Area, I resonate with the predominantly US-based user base, which influencing my content and interactions. Here are some essential tools on Threads that help me curate my feed.

For You and Following

I actively curate my ‘For You’ feed by interacting with content that aligns with my interests – U.S. politics, music, technology, San Francisco, electric vehicles, and occasional humor/meme. This personalization makes the feed more relevant and enjoyable, reducing my reliance on the ‘Following’ tab.

How to activate this feature:
– Watch your For You tab.
– Choose the kind of posts you like to see more.
– Engage by replying, quoting, reposting.
– Repeat.

Block, Mute, Restrict

These tools are essential in maintaining a clean and comfortable feed. Depending on the situation, I use these features to filter out unwanted content, ensuring a healthier digital environment.

How to activate this feature:
1. Watch your For Your tab for unwanted posts.
2. Click on the post or the username.
3. Click or tap the three dots on the right side and choose between Mute, Restrict, or Block.

Hidden Words

This feature helps avoid specific content by blocking certain keywords. Over time, my list of obscure words has grown, reflecting an evolving approach to content consumption.

How to activate this feature:
1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Hidden Words
2. Custom words and phrases – ON.
3. Manage custom words and phrases > type the words, then click/tap Add.

Who Can Reply

Controlling who can respond to my posts is crucial for constructive engagement. Limiting replies to people I follow or mentioning only specific profiles prevents unnecessary distractions and maintains focused conversations.

How to activate this feature:
1. You can set this before you post. Or if you want to change from default, everyone can reply, and go to the post detail by tapping somewhere in the post on your profile.
2. Click/tap the three dots on the right side of the post.
3. Click/tap who can reply.
4. Then choose between Anyone, Profiles you follow, or Mentioned only.

In conclusion, Threads has become a vital platform for me, allowing me to stay informed and express myself. The key to enjoying it is effective curation, ensuring that my digital space aligns with my interests and values.

Do you use Threads? Connect with me @lowrobb.

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