Picture below illustrates Google’s market share in various countries. Red indicates, in the country Google represent more than 90%, Orange more than 70%, Blue more than 50%, and Grey indicates less than 50% market share. Other than Puerto Rico, Russia, Czech Republic, China, South Korea and Japan, Google have more than 50% market share.

What interesting is the search giant’s share in South Korea, which is only represent 7,30% of search market. Search Engine Land suggest that search engine leader in South Korea is actually Naver. Well, sometimes i feel that everyone in the world are using Google. In fact, no :D.

This simple but fantastic infography was made by Search Engine Feng Shui. Click on the image to see real size.

Found out in my music site that without knowing, YouTube put a f**king awkward search bar at the top of its embeded video player. A very-very-very good reason to move to other video hosting site.

Hell, i’m amazed, that’s embarrassingly awkward!!

Update: Seems like YouTube give some make up. The search bar will only visible if user hover its mouse to the top part of video player. Which is better.

PortableApps make my life simpler. Now i don’t need to bring my laptop for client presentations. My geeky tools only consist of a 2gb USB stick filled with PA installations to stick to my client’s laptop, a pack of Marlboro, a PDA, my wallet and my scooter ride.


Now life only gets better. A Google Chrome also runs on my tiny USB stick. Thanks to this awesome guyEnglish translation (dude that is fast – when did the new browser launched, yesterday?).

(via Digital Inspiration).

If you ever search through WordPress’ Plugin Repository you’ll know the search suck. It’s easier to search from Google than from the Wp’s extend site.

There’s a chat in WP-Hackers mailing list and today i found out Joost De Valk has made a Google custom search for searching through the site which work a lot better. Of course… it’s a Google search.

However, the URL of the Google’s CSE homepage is too long as ever, i’ve shorten it using TiNyURL.

Here’s the link:


Here’s the search gadget for your blog or Google homepage:

Just my another Google evangelism. From Official Google blog:

You may have heard about the recently launched Google Checkout for Non-Profits, which is a fast and easy way to make online donations to your favorite non-profits. Now we’ll begin displaying the Google Checkout badge on the AdWords ads of non-profits, which will help connect donors with the organizations they’d like to support. Visit our Checkout Blog for more details.