That Search Bar is F**ing Awkward!

Found out in my music site that without knowing, YouTube put a f**king awkward search bar at the top of its embeded video player. A very-very-very good reason to move to other video hosting site.

Hell, i’m amazed, that’s embarrassingly awkward!!

Update: Seems like YouTube give some make up. The search bar will only visible if user hover its mouse to the top part of video player. Which is better.

By Robin

Jack of all trades living in SF Bay Area, California. Asian.


  1. The search bar is a default, so this hack doesn’t help much. I need to insert that to all my embeded YouTube videos in all my sites. But, it’s their video player, not mine, so i will stop complaining and move my videos to Vimeo.

    However, it works for me. Thanks again.

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