Google World Domination (Infographic)

Picture below illustrates Google’s market share in various countries. Red indicates, in the country Google represent more than 90%, Orange more than 70%, Blue more than 50%, and Grey indicates less than 50% market share. Other than Puerto Rico, Russia, Czech Republic, China, South Korea and Japan, Google have more than 50% market share.

What interesting is the search giant’s share in South Korea, which is only represent 7,30% of search market. Search Engine Land suggest that search engine leader in South Korea is actually Naver. Well, sometimes i feel that everyone in the world are using Google. In fact, no :D.

This simple but fantastic infography was made by Search Engine Feng Shui. Click on the image to see real size.

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    • I think they never reach more than 80% in US. What interesting is the Koreans. They don’t use Google because they find the homepage is too plain and simple. That probably explains why Google Korea looks so much different than all the other Google home pages πŸ˜€


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