WordPress.com Blogs Get 24/7 Support

WordPress team has just announced that their support team will be available to assist users 24/7 (mind you their hosted solution is a free service). I remember when i started to use WordPress.com, i was confused and emailed the support complaining about their service. In about 4 hours, one of their staff name Mark immediately replied to my complaints. That was the time when their service can only serve users for 5 days a week.

Even if i wouldn’t recommend the hosted solution as it has so no freedom to hack the hackabilities compare to self-hosted solution (there’s VIP hosting but only available for those who is fit the criteria), i think this is a brilliant move from WordPress team and will make WordPress.com users happy.

I’m going to take myself back to my blogger.com days. If i were in trouble (like when i face Custom Domain errors which triggered me to move all my blogs to WordPress), there were no way i can even email the Blogger support team. Instead, on their help page, they directed users to Blogger user help groups which contain so much questions so little answers.

Dude, non-tech users will NEVER browse through support forums. Instead, they’ll look for contact emails and send their questions. That is why i think the move from WordPress team is brilliant (nice picture too! if i’m not mistaken they’re not all Mac) and i believe the decision to introduce the new service was based on their user needs.

Another awesomeness from the WordPress team.

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