Never Trust Mediocre Service Like LippoBank

This is the second time LippoBank do stupid things to me and this time i believe it will be more if i continue to use their banking services.

Got this phish email yesterday:

Dear valued users LippoNetBank,

Thank you for using LippoNetBank in your daily banking transactions. Providing you with the best internet banking service is an honor for us.

as accomplishment of our commitment, we have already added Best security system into LippoBank’s website where you can find some principal hints to carry secured transactions through LippoNetBank and to safe your private identity at LippoNetBank as well as some other important information we’ll protect with best security system.

Please update your LippoNetBank for apply best protection system in your account

We always keep developing new features of LippoNetBank to provide convenience and serenity in your internet banking transactions, anytime and anywhere.

Sincerely yours,


I immediately updated my account, i remember doing that while talking to my wife, so i was careless. However, this morning, i got the same email. I was curious, i double checked the link, then s**t i realized that that was a phish email. The phisher was careless, they send me the same email twice!

This is the phish email link to login page:

While this one is the official login link:

So i was dumb and careless. Heck. I immediately call the call center and the customer service name Erna asked us a permit to block our account. So we give her the permission, we didn’t have the choice, did we? Soon after blocking the account, she said that we should open a new account. We were like WTF? Why didn’t she said so? She was so offer to solve a problem by creating another problem, she knew it and she didn’t tell us. Now we must open a new account and tell all our customers about it. I don’t understand, it’s a retarded solution, and remember, they’re a f**ing Public Company!!

However, as i said this is the second time they do stupid things. First was several months ago, when they charged our ATM with the money we never received (they silently gave our money back).

I might be wrong, but i have use several others local online banks and 1 foreign bank for our banking purposes, all of them are just fine. This is the first time i got phished, after using LippoBank service for 2-3 times.

The thing is, according to Whois information, this domain has been there for several months and it is registered by

Robert Hervington
202-516 cannon barry
Oshawa, OT L1G 2Z6

I believe i’m not the first victim who has stupidly giving bank information, considering that the domain has been registered since March 2008. But LippoBank has done nothing about this. They can simply send spam/phishing notification to the registrar ( and to the hosting company (, but i guess LippoBank just don’t f**cking care!!

Oh i forget, LippoBank do one thing that they think could prevent the phishing, they put this warning sign at the banking login page:

Make sure the address of Login page LB NetBank is

Oh well, smart ass :D. It is copied by the phish site so well. I have said i was careless, but why they don’t do something to close the phish site? It’s so easy, i believe it will only take 24 hours to execute at the most. Say i’m an internet savvy who understands internet URLs, still cheated when careless how about those who don’t?????

I have one lesson learned. Never trust mediocre organization like LippoBank. No hope. I’m so over them. If you come to Indonesia please don’t use LippoBank because they’ll surely cheat on you. I hope somebody sue them in the future because of their ignorance and stupidities which i guess will continue for a long time until somebody sue them. Someday somehow if the day come, i’ll throw a barbeque beach party. Bill on me…


Phishing site:

Official site:

Update (August 5th):

This morning someone name Sondang called my wife tried to explain the whole situation. Her explanation didn’t solve our problem and i believe will bring their customers into similar problem in the future. The problem is not at her side, it’s in the system as a whole. Lippobank will continue to have terrible service to its brand, attached and tacked into customer’s mind, as long as they don’t hold a system, which build based on what its customer’s needs. Not the other way around.

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