This blog has been an Obey evangelist for a while. Why? Because i like Obey and this is my blog so it’s a simple common sense. Somehow, i found out days ago that Obey cloth is now also distributed in Indonesia.

Yaiks, not good!

Why? I usually lose my appetite everytime cool brands starting to sell in Indonesia because like most of other cool brands, they become suck. How? Wrong brand management They’re manage by the incompetence ordinary guys who should manage ordinary brands selling to ordinary people. Not managing cool brands that sell for cool people.

Well perhaps i’m too naive, know s**t about ‘business of uncool things’, i know most of these guys or maybe it’s a time for me to move on. Furthermore they’re nice guys and some of them are my long time friends from my music and the business of lifestyle days. But, cool brands still suck by these hands heheh. Sorry mate…

However, this one is too good to be missed, from Obey Propaganda newsletter today:

OBEY and OBEY Clothing has teamed up with seminal Hip-Hop group Public Enemy and legendary photographer Glen E Friedman to release a collection of clothing and a fine art print that reflects the look and culture of early Hip-Hop. A collaboration between Public Enemy and OBEY Clothing was a natural fit. Shepard has been a life long fan of Public Enemy and has been heavily influenced by their music and style. The ideology of Public Enemy is evident in the mindset of OBEY and we are proud to offer this collection of the legendary force. Fight the Power!

Awesome. It’s too expensive to miss anything, especially anything from Glen E. Friedman.

More info on this project here.

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