Waterproof MP3 Player

When i was in high school, i kept coming to a public swimming pool in my hometown with my friends. It’s because the pool owner installed speakers in the 4 corners of the main pool. We found out that the song played sounds cleaner under water and we found it fun just to listen to music underwater. I am not here to inform the technical explanation but back in the day we had fun doing it.

I usually come there with my friends, bring our new purchased CDs and ask the operator to play our favorite songs. Many times, our fun interrupted by people that just can’t agree on the songs on the ‘playlist’.

If this device, Dolphin, a waterproof MP3 player from Oregon Scientific founded back in my high school days, i will not rambling about people who don’t like our music, because then i can jump up anytime to water and listen to my favorite music.

Via GeekAlert.

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  1. Where are the big players in this industry? That’s what I want to know.

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