NIN Fan Remix Site is Put On Hold

Here’s a news excerpt from Aversion that showcasing the ego maniac major labels trying to rule out the internet creativity:

A site that was prepped to showcase fan-submitted remixes of Nine Inch Nails’ latest batch of songs has been put on hold after lawyers from the band’s last label, Interscope, and Google and MySpace got their position papers in a twist. Long story short, Universal’s been strict about Google-owned YouTube and MySpace posting uncleared copies of its artists’ music on their servers. To avoid clouding the matter, Universal didn’t want to give the impression that it’s down with users using uncleared samples in their online creations, and pulled out of the remix project.

Other example is, you can find all Universal’s artist video at YouTube are un-embedable (but for sure downloadable, what can you do about it?). I am not sure what their benefit on this. I do think this is another protective ego maniac that many times are proven killing creativity. But, it’s your choice to sign with those labels anyway and get some money while signing.

Whatever, don’t sign with major labels if you can’t stand those limitations anyway…

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