Music Startup Reviews

From KillerStartUps:

1. Muvibee
Is a search engine where you can search your favorite artist sorted by video, music, music by title and music by artist. After finding your artist, you can watch your favorite music videos online, build your own album and video lists, and browse and watch other users lists. The frontpage of the site also gives you current Top 10 US, UK and Germany.

2. EListeningPost
Musicians looking to make a living from what they love doing have not had much of a say in what has been happening. Others are making more money from the fact that fans want to hear their music than the musicians themselves are making.

eListeningPost was founded to provide musicians an alternative to this. By charging for the value of services provided rather than taking a share of music sales. eListeningPost is a service that will genuinely help the musicians rather than exploit them.

3. ChampionSound
A free email promotional tool for musicians, promoters, and venues.

4. Gydget
A fan widget, or gydget, is a stand-alone viral promotions tool perfect for bands, sports teams, or any organization that wants to get the word out to fans across all social networking sites about news, media and events.

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