Music Startup Reviews from KillerStartups This Week

New cool music online companies reviewed by KillerStartUps this week:

1. GigLovers
A social network centered around shows.

From their page:
List, rate and review your gig history and share it with others. We provide a convenient place to store your gig history. Use our widgets on forums, your blog and myspace to display upcoming or previous gigs.

2. BandBuzz
Visit the site and search for your favorite songs by genre or tags. Take a look at see what the most popular and recent additions are to the site. When you become a user you can add your favorite songs to the site.

From their page:
BandBUZZ was developed to enable millions of internet users to discover new, independent music without the intervention of slick marketing reps or data analysts. You won?t find any algorithms here trying to mimic your taste while secretly collecting your preferences to sell to record companies. You won?t be solicited by corporations posing as teenage girls in bikinis who want to be your friend. And, most importantly, as an artist, you retain the rights to your music. BandBUZZ puts the power back in your hands.

3. SessionSound
You might want to try a site like SessionSound that lets you publicize your music on across a profile based web 2.0 platform.

From their page:
We’ve got a simple mission, make the independent in independent music mean something. Technology has always disrupted the status quo. It has created new industries and changed existing ones.And music is one industry which is ripe for changing. Technology has offered musicians an opportunity to connect directly to their fans and a whole spectrum of new audiences?

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