Gruvr Teamed Up With Skreemr

I love Gruvr, they have a cool and informative site for users to get local concerts. I posted an article about them month ago. Today, they announced their new collaboration with, the music search engine, which i think is great:

Hi gruvrs!

We are issuing a press release today to announce that,
the music search engine, is now presenting gruvr concert maps along with
MP3s in search results. Once you find a song you like, you can
click to the artist’s current tour map, and with one more click
set up email radar for alerts on future shows near you.
The gruvr link appears right with wikipedia, flikr, and amazon result links.

We have added a resource page describing the new query
API here:

You can find the full text of the release here:

Thanks to Richard Krueger for volunteering to write this up.
Rich’s blog is here:

As ever,

GruvrDad & GruvrDude

Wishing a good luck to both.

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