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Another killer startup discovery is Music Arsenal:

The Web 2.0 phenomenon has witnessed the development of a good number of apps to help the struggling musician gain ground, but what about the label manager, or the music execs? What with the industry up in arms about DRM and artistic values, these folks aren’t given much slack. But it ain’t easy being an industry type either. Music Arsenal, however, has come up with just the thing to help label managers keep their company together.

The service comes with a project management dashboard which allows for coordinating tasks and notes, tour date scheduling, and contact management, along with press, radio and venue management. Arsenal requires no additional software or downloads, backups are performed each night, and it can be accessed whenever, wherever. Pricing is pretty cheap, with plans starting at $18 a month. There’s also a free thirty day trial version.

From Music Arsenal’s site, they describe their service as:

Music Arsenal is a music industry business management tool. Our web application helps record labels, booking agents, managers, promoters and anyone else in the music industry manage their companies in an easy way.

We don’t think you should need 10 different programs to run your label and we believe everyone in a company should be able to share information. That’s why we’ve brought everything together and created Music Arsenal. Whether you’re a one-man show or work with many others, we’re sure you can benefit from Music Arsenal.

You make the decision. There’s also demo on how it works, Music Arsenal site is here.

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