Need an Online Store?

KillerStartups found another cool start up company, Big Cartel. The description was:

If you are an artist attempting to market your product, you’re probably familiar with the frustrations of trying to create your own store online. Big offers a easy way of getting your store up and running without a lot of the hassles that other shopping cart sites present. The site was founded on the assumption that these bigger sites are too complicated for anyone besides larger businesses who have the time and resources available to set up an online store.

With that in mind, Big Cartel caters more to the individual (be it a musician, artist, or clothing producer) by providing a simple interface with easy-to-understand options. Sellers can manage their stores from any website to keep track of their inventory and current stats, and you can edit your store’s appearance at any time with the user-friendly controls. All online transactions are done through PayPal, and although registration for an account is free, users must pay a monthly fee once they have set up a store.

It’s true, it’s simple. Their site is here. Put your art into cart now.

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