Indonesian Bloggers Unite

Last Sunday, a bunch of high initiative Indonesian bloggers made its mark in the blogosphere. They held a cool event dubbed as Pesta Blogger. Pesta means party in Indonesian language which held to celebrate the boys and girls who believe in the new media.

The committee also dubbed 27th October as a national blogger day which i think will be a great idea if it followed by a clear and concise concept. I also think it’ll be best to bring the result as a give back to the community. I think sort of blog action day will be a great idea. But don’t copy instead just lead the bloggers into one cool and useful idea that can be mass produced.

To be honest, back in my early days of blogging, i was not a big fan of Indonesian bloggers. Because back then i didn’t learn anything from them because all they care is nationality or just make money online technical technicalities instead of spreading the awareness of being a global citizenship attitude. So tried hard looking out to internet, facing huge trial and errors, massive rejections and finally survived by reading out high profile RSS. But, seeing this cool initiative, i must be stupid if i’m not proud as Indonesian blogger. So i love it so much. But hope they change their template from CopyBlogger’s :-).

Cool site, cool initiative, Indonesian Bloggers Rules!

More coverage and pics here. Cheers.

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