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This has been in my mind for a while. I’ve been a gadget freak who constantly change my PDA phones, computers, digital cameras everytime new versions came out just to make sure that i was hype. But then, after my daughter was born and my wife must quit her fancy job to gave her a birth, i turned into a savvy father (Of course i’m happy :-)).

Then i came into blogging, which i think is so nice and brought my horizon far beyond my imagination. After running this blog for a while, i began to think to monetize it so that the blog can run itself without cutting my family’s needs.

Today, i found this cool widget from ScratchBack, that able to give you, this blog visitor (and i hope a lover), a chance to tip me to keep this blog running while also as a thank you, get a cool link back to your blog/site.

By the time, i would like to see how’s your love to this blog. So by the time i only have 5 TopSpots in the widget. But, if more of you show your love to me, then i might consider to add more.

Anyhow, I also need to manually selecting the donations/links. If you need special link back to your site, or just about anything customized, please send me email to robin (at) robinmalau (dot) com.

If you do love this blog, please show your love by tipping me through the widget at the right sidebar below & Get in My Top Spots.

Cheers & many thanks.

Author: Robin

Jack of all trades living in SF Bay Area, California. Asian.

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