The Return of Prong, The Power of The Damager tour 07

This was brought by a guest writer Rully, a cool rock musician from New York. I will cover his cool band Suaka later on this blog. I also provide a link right to Rockstar Pundit Online Store see if you’re interesting in buying Prong and listen to their cool unique metal music that you will not find in any other band in the world. Instead, there are bands that sound like Prong. If you love metal, i think you should listen to Prong.


The Return of Prong, The Power of The Damager tour 07
I still remember when i discovered Prong back in 1991. Beg To Differ is great album even to these days. I finally have a chance to see them although i prefer to see them with Beg to Differ line with Ted Parsons on drums.

After releasing great album like Prove You Wrong, Cleansing and Rude Awakening, they have been touring with act like Pantera, Sepultura (original line up), Bad brains which i missed.

After long hiatus Tommy has returned with Scorpio Rising (2003) and 2007 released Power of The Damager.

The venue takes place in High Line Ballroom which hold up to 600 people or more. The club has great acoustic and surrounding. Opening acts was Sonic Bliss, they delivered good power house tunes although i haven’t heard them before they really rock the venue that still half empty.

Second band up was a metalcore band from new jersey (Ten Feet from Murder), they deliver songs which remind me of Slayer’s riffs, Lamb of God vocals, unfortunately their sound wasn’t coming out as bright as they should, considering their equipment is great. But they still delivered good amount of songs

The moment has arrived at around 9 pm prong takes the stage. The excitement is on the air they opened up with Bad Fall, No justice which tracks is from the new album. Rude awakening is played follows with Looking for Them, Another Worldy Device which sounds so great after all these years. Finally older songs like Broken Peace, N.W.O (Ministry) goes right thru For Dear Life which make the pit opened up a bit bigger, bottle of beer in my hand as i headbang harder to the songs like Beg To Differ, Cut Rate Snap Your Finger Snap Your Nack.

Tommy Victor still a great guitarist front man, accompany with new drummer and bassist, it makes tonight’s show worth it , leaving the fans pleased.

The hightlight of the show that i got the set list and guitar pick

PRONG set list
– Bad Fall
– No Justice
– Rude Awakening
– Looking For Them
– Another Worldly Device
– 3th Option
– The Banisment (New album)
– Broken Peace
– All Knowing Force (Scorpio Rising)
– NWO (Ministry) – For Dear Life
– Message Inside of Me
– Beg to Differ
– Irrelevant Thoughts
– Cut Rate
– Worst of It
– Spirit Guide
– Whose Fist is These Anyway
– Snap Your Finger Snap Your Neck
– Power of The Damager

Need more information of Prong? They have their own Wikipedia page here.

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