Protect Your Disc Skin

If you a tons of CDs like me, somehow you’d think how to protect them, especially if talking about classic rock collections. Found this cool product Dskin that can protect valuable discs from damage. It works as simple as this:
1. Snap It On
Just snap a d_skin® onto your favorite discs and consider them protected.
2. Leave It On
The beauty is, d_skin® stays on your discs even while they play. That’s right – your discs are totally readable right through the Skin.
3. Even While It Plays!TM
Once your discs are skinned, there’s nothing to take off or put on when you’re playing, storing or transporting. One d_skin® does it all.

You can find Dskin 50 packs here or smaller 5 package here.

Below is a video on how Dskin works. It helps! Get it now and protect your valuable CDs!

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