Get a Local Concert at Gruvr

Found this interesting site, Gruvr. A site where you can track all your favorite bands at Google Maps. Gruvr is a local based concert tracker. By the time i’m at Kuta Bali, i couldn’t find any registered band at Gruvr. So i tried to track Foo Fighters concert (which no way they would come to Bali in a near future), as an example on how this site works.

I tried to put Foo Fighters on my watch list, and by subscribing to Gruvr, they will let me know as soon as Foo Fighters is coming to Bali. Anyhow, below is how Foo Fighters’s tour schedule will be like. By the time i submit this, they’re at Europe (which will be changed if the register moves as the band tours going – ok, i know it’s a bit confusing). Just check out their site.

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