Bob Dylan Getting Viral Marketing

To promote his new album, Bob Dylan’s team seems to get viral. They have this cool and fun custom message generator to promote the album.

Moreover, for Facebook users, TechEnlightenment has gone forward and made the application so you can post a custom message about Dylan on your profile.

Dylan, the new album contains Bob Dylan’s ultimate collection is planned to be released on October 1st.

Some excerpts from the new album site:

Five decades of groundbreaking music, from his first self penned song to tracks from last years #1 album Modern Times, collected for the first time ever.
Released in a deluxe 3 CD box set with 10 limited edition postcards, mini-vinyl replica artwork and an extended 40 page booklet with new liner notes and rare photographs.

Also available in 18 track 1 CD edition, 3 CD Digipack edition and exclusive digital packages.

All versions feature remastered audio for the best Bob listening experience ever.


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