Fix for Podpress 8.8 in WordPress 2.6

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I upgraded to WordPress 2.6 immediately soon after it was released. Some plugin didn’t work but most were ok. However, what was frustrated me most was the incompatibility between Podpress and the Post Revision feature in the new version of WordPress.

But, as always, WordPress community is awesome. Andrew Ozz has given a workaround in his blog and a commenter name Otto also gave a simple tricks that work for me (Otto also the creator of PHP Code Widget plugin). Now Podpress is working nicely in my music blog.

My two cents on this case:

  1. The Podpress project seems like a hobby rather than a business to Dan Kuykendall also known as Seek3r. Noone can blame him.
  2. Considering the importance of this plugin, and if the Automatic team will not sponsoring its development, i think it’s fair if the plugin become a Premium or Freemium plugin to fund its further development.

I don’t mind pay a license for this plugin as i’ve already pay for dozens of other premium plugins. If it’s helpful for my business or my internet life in general, then why not? (just make sure the price is beyond my reach hehe…).

I believe this plugin will continue to play important part to enhance the community in years to come.

In the meantime, we can enjoy the workarounds. Awesome.

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  1. Hi James, sorry your comment somehow stuck at Spam moderation.

    Thanks for the solution. But apparently, i don’t (need) like the post revision feature, so above post is by far the most fit solution for me.

    However, thanks again for stopping by, hope this blog’s other readers can benefit from your post.


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