Some Nigerian Scams are Real?

This is funny.

Ever since i use my Gmail to remote my sending and receiving activities for many of my email accounts, i sometimes do lost some ‘real’ emails due to spam filter  (which i don’t really understand how it really works, even official email from Google sometimes caught off and marked as spam).

Anyhow, I just checked all my email accounts and found some real emails caught among those million-dollars-waiting-for-you-because-my-rich-former-president-dad-was-dead email scams. Unusually, i read some of those emails this time, just to entertain myself. Between readings, i was wonder if some of those scams are real. Dude that would be awesome.

So that’s the question, what if some of these Nigerian scams are real? Nahhh… but hey, who knows.

The thing is, given the cashing procedure in well respected bank (assume if no millioners with $40 million savings don’t choose shitty banks to hold their money) is complicated, how the hell can we cash those?

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