Cool Site for Independent Artists

Excerpts from KillerStartups reviewing a new music site:

Are you a self-producing music artist or a fan of independent music? Go directly to and you’ll feel right at home. is a site that gives unsigned bands and artists a platform on which they can create their own space, upload tracks and videos, make ringtones and sell it all online. It is the perfect place to start building a fan base and to gather all the fans that are already hooked. In the band’s space they can post any and all information including gigs, new music, news and personal messages. As for the music fanatics, SoundTribes is chock full of new music, videos, beats and sounds from across the globe. Site visitors can listen the tracks for free and can also purchase music and ringtones directly form the bands that create them. Music lovers can also connect with other fans by having their own profile where they can share music, info and comment interests.

Sounds no different to other music networking site. So i gave it a try and went to SoundTribes, i saw a cool web 2.0. designed page, I signed up as a music fan and browse the artists where i saw hundreds of unrecognizable artists. I went back to KillerStartups re-read the review and i was like, ok, here’s the key concept:

At musicians and music slaves alike can enjoy listening and searching through the freshest rhythms available from independent artists.

More on marketing your music: provides musicians and music lovers with a virtual playground to explore, listen, learn and sell music from unsigned artists. The band profiles are the key to maintaining a growing following, keeping in touch with fans, and gaining visibility in general.

There you go, if you’re thinking of promoting your music or continue to be a music slave like me, go to SoundTribes site, wishing you a good luck and a good fun.

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