Aime Street Social Media Site

If you don’t know AimeStreet, below is the excerpt from their site:

We know music is social, and finding new music needs to be fun. Music discovery is best served by communication between people, so we reward fans when they recommend songs to their friends by giving them credit to buy more music. Whether you spend two minutes or two hours on Amie Street you are connected to a world of music lovers discovering new music together.

So it’s a cool concept and furthermore, AmieStreet is a playground where you can:
1. Discover and buy new, independent music at your price.
2. Earn free music when you find great songs and recommend them to your friends.
3. Download new songs to any mp3 player or listen to them from your Amie Street online library, on any computer, any time.

So related to 2nd point of what AimeStreet is all about, found this via OurDigitalMusic:

“Use your new favorite AmieStreet tracks to build a Fantasy Record Label. The better your 5-song Fantasy Record Label performs, the more money you’ll earn for mp3 downloads from Try to get the highest score as you compete against your friends, and even see how you stack up against all of Facebook. Every song has a score that rises and falls depending on its popularity…”

Knowing this, even i won’t participate on the Fantasy Record Label, i think this is a great idea. AimeStreet is a bunch of smart people.

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