100.000 Pageviews Later, I Finally Have a White-Looking Blog

I collect this blog’s traffic analytics since August 2007 using Google Analytics, eventhough i blog since May 2006. Since the first time i blog at Blogspot, i never made or use white design for this blog. Always black. I mean ALWAYS BLACK. But as of today, I decide to use white background, because unlike before, i’d like to blog. I mean i plan to seriously blogging on this blog. Doesn’t that what people should use a blog for, to blog? 😀

But true, i need to change the want-to-look-cool into simple and focus-on-readability design. Ok, i have to be honest, i inspired by Safari 5’s Reader feature. It’s totally useful for web reading. I hope this new design is useful for you too who’d like to read this blog.

Anyway. I will continue to post about things i interested with, such as Music, Entrepreneurship, Web Design and some personal technologies. The difference is, now i’ll blog in both English and Indonesian. And oh, i will rarely use sidebar, because once i dump the sidebars, i can post huge videos like on here and here. It’s HD video era, so yeah, dump your blog sidebar! 😀

Below how this blog traffic like since 2007, thanks for stopping by!

Analytics Robin Malau Dot Com 20070803-20100612 Dashboard Report)

Talk to you again soon!

Author: Robin

Jack of all trades living in SF Bay Area, California. Asian.

0 thoughts on “100.000 Pageviews Later, I Finally Have a White-Looking Blog”

  1. Nice numbers..100 thou..wow..!! you sounds like still a rock star kang..LOL..

    Totally agree with the ‘dump the sidebar’ idea..but honestly..I liked the old black…

    1. Me too to be honest, I still love the old design, it’s only 6 months old. But i seriously feel i need to change and move on. So white-designed-blog it is. 😉

      But i plan to use the old design for my other blog though, just haven’t get the time to upload it 😀

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