Business Planning in 10 slides

This is my latest presentation on SlideShare; Business Planning in 10 Slides. Business planning is actually easy if you know what you want, and you have the plan. Just write it down, and you’ll have the plan. Do not spend too much time in planning because when you’re executing the plan, you’ll find your mistakes and you’ll need to revise the plans. If this happen, do not panic. The need to revise the plan doesn’t mean you don’t need a business plan, because when you can find the mistakes on your plan, that can make your future plans better.

Now you can make a simple Business Plan, written, and have enough quality time to execute it.

Author: Robin

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      1. I’ve followed that one for sure! Oh ya, gw baru saja membuat 10 slide presentasi business plan terinspirasi dari artikel elo yg ini bro. I wish I could share to you just to be reviewed. Anyway, kapan kira2 bukunya keluar?

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