Work With Your Dislikes and Make it Work!

I lead the Sales and Operations team in our company for 10 months now. I lead 120 people and 13 office branches nationally. Today, I met up with my boss talking about our newly recruit. She’s our Human Resources head department. Her probation is going to end next monday, and he asked me what i’m thinking of her. Well, i talked to my honesty which i think she sucks. I can’t see her making a proper contribution to our team in the future.

So we tried to assess from as many as different angle possible trying to meet costs and benefits that will occur if we retain her in our company. Well, finally we got into conclusion that we need her still to be in our team. The reason is: we don’t have anyone else. Our company is still in turnaround process and our current position to find the best employee available.

When i went home, i started to think my hard days ahead to continue to work with her. Don’t get me wrong, i think she just trying to look great to everyone, including me. I just felt that she’s is not ‘the guy’ to work with me and my team. But in the end, this is not about making a choice. This is about to make it work.

Author: Robin

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