WordPress is not for Dummies

I am a start up blogger, a wannabe, a dummy. I tried to transfer my .com domain to wordpress and bought their credits. It’s not a big amount of money so i let them charged me.

The more i explore wordpress, the more i discover that that is not for me. There are so many limitations and i should pay more for adding this and that. Adding things that i really don’t understand. I wonder, why bother paying? Anyhow, those are things i can get it free from Google’s dumb blogger.

So my last effort to become a wordpress blogger was to find way to put my adsense, so i can at least have income to pay for hosting and everything. I went to search page looking ways to put my adsense, the search directed me to a lifetime banned adsense publisher. There he shares his tips.

So today i move back to Blogger and i am happy with their limitation features (Google is focusing their effort helping dummy blogger, to make the world better). Well, maybe wordpress could work only for advance bloggers, and i believe that they are their target market. The dummies shall wait. Mandatory, i lose my money to buy my freedom. I’m a free man while i’m a dumb techie.

Note: i also post this on my wordpress account, robinmalau.wordpress.com

Author: Robin

Jack of all trades living in SF Bay Area, California. Asian.

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