Work While Work at Home

I use to work at home for 3 years while i finished my business degree. Since now I’m back to do office based work, somehow i missed my home-based work. Well, that’s why i blog anyway, and it’s fun.

If you are now trying to build a work-at-home business, here’s a fine tips to get your work done from the Wired:

1. Switch into work mode.
Get off your pajamas, get a shower and wear a decent casual clothes.

2. Separate your workspace.
Don’t work together with where the TV and video games are.

3. Firewall your attention.
Don’t work at your room where you can see all the mess: dogs & kids.

4. Create small deadlines.
Sometimes (i did) i feel like i have all the time to finish my work after the deadline come.

5. Limit email to specific times.
Email is not everything, there’s work to do. Close your email window, make a schedule to check back your inbox.

Full article is here, and a cool review about this from DIY Life here.

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